Admissions criteria

The admission procedure - NEW

Until 2019 admissions have been based on interviews with the candidates. We have now received information that most probably there will be changes in the admission procedure which is not decided by or wanted from the university.

Probably the admission will be based merely on the basis of the candidates grades. We have no more information than this for the time being. WISP will take part in a meeting Friday 12th April which hopefully will result in more details to be set. When information is available we will post it on this web-page. 

Admission criterias 2018
Average grades from high school will be basis for inviting applicants for qualification interviews.

The candidates should prepare for the interwiew by choosing and reading one book (between 3 alternatives). The interview commission will ask some questions to get to know the candidates before taking the decision about admission or not.

The admission procedure 2018

The application system (IRK) will be open for applications during the period 05th June - 04th July. Interviews will take place 10th, 11th and 12th July.

Documents should be sent physically to WISP and pr email to before 29th June. (9th July if you finish high school in 2018)
The following documents should be attached to the application in addition to a complete application form.
Recommendation letter from teacher or someone who know you well (not family)
Copy of passport
Copy of diploma from high school

After the admission
Diploma from high school should be authenticated by Notarius Publicus and with Apostille.
Applicants from Sweden will need a confirmation from UHR that they have generel competence of study.
Pass photos

Contakt us via contact schedule, email or phone:
+47 38141957 / +47 38141105 / +47 38141475.

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