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The admission procedure - NEW

Until 2019 admissions have been based on interviews with the candidates. We have now received information that most probably there will be changes in the admission procedure which is not decided by or wanted from the university.

Probably the admission will be based merely on the basis of the candidates grades. We have no more information than this for the time being. WISP will take part in a meeting Friday 12th April which hopefully will result in more details to be set. When information is available we will post it on this web-page. 

The admission procedure 2018

All candidates are required to register in the IRK system: www.irk.uw.edu.pl and need to specifically select the studies they apply to.

IRK will be open for applications for 2018 between June 5th to July 4th. Admission interviews will take place 10th, 11th and 12th July.

Documents should be sent via mail to WISP and via email to wisp-psyc@uia.no within June 29th or July 9th if you are finishing high school in 2018.

Average grades from Upper Secondary school will be the basis for inviting candidates for an interview.

For the interview the candidates should have read a book (3 different alternatives). The basis for admission will be the performance in the interview where understanding and analysis of the text are vital.

Grades achieved from other schools is not part of the criterias for admission.

Admission criterias are described in more detail here.

Admission procedure

How and when to apply http://psychology.pl/en/home/page/admissions/9

Documents should be sent via mail to WISP and via email to wisp-psyc@uia.no.

Following documents should be attached to the application in addition to the signed application form.
Recommendation letter from a teacher, employer or another person who knows you well.
Copy of the passport
Copy of diploma from Upper Secondary school

Find more information about the admission process here.

Contact us via our contact form, email or by telephone:
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